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Brainfield Khairpur is a complete interactive hybrid KG stage (EYFS) and Primary School. We welcome learners from across the Khairpur and its vicinity. Rather than traveling to far school or wishing to have international schooling for your children to study – Brainfield comes to you in your city, through our specialized global education system. We are able to offer you everything you expect from a out-standing traditional school… plus a whole lot more!

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Brain Field Khairpur E.Y.F.S
Understand our Pre-School

Our Aims

  1. A happy and exciting school that welcomes everyone
  2. A school where learning and teaching encourages everyone to be the best they can
  3. A school where everyone is polite, kind, caring and respects others
  4. A school that values parents, friends and the wider community

Our Values

  1. Pride
  2. Opportunity
  3. Care
  4. Diversity
  5. Respect
  6. Resilience

EYFS Golden rules

  1. Be ready to learn and show pride and perseverance in your work.
  2. Be respectful to yourselves, others and the school.
  3. Be safe and make the right choices, both in and out of school.

EYFS Curriculum

The EYFS curriculum meets the requirements set out in the revised National Curriculum at Foundation Stage.

The curriculum plan focuses on Early Learning Goals and Ages and Stages. During the children’s first term, their teacher makes a baseline evaluation to record the skills of each child on entry to the school.

Brain Field Khairpur Primary
Understand our Primary Education

At Brainfield School we offer boys and girls an excellent education in all subjects, but with a creative flair that children and parents love. At Brainfield we give quality education via small classes size, a maximum of 15 students in any class. This ensures that each student receives the vital teacher attention and promotes personalised learning where every child can learn and achieve at their own pace.


Brainfield Primary Vision

At Brainfield Primary the vision is for each student to graduate as an avid and thriving young learner. They will actively seek learning opportunity in all aspects of their lives and will carry the requisite foundation knowledge and skills to excel in the learning challenges ahead. Great schools recognise that learning is lifelong, therefore at Brainfield we reject myopic, self-serving pedagogies that focus exclusively on maximising short term academic grades. Instead the priority is both current learning but the equipping of each students to thrive in the long run.

Primary Subjects That We Teach

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Register for our next open event to meet teachers, parents ad students.

Open events are hosted by Brainfield’s expert staff and teachers. Through the course of the event, we discuss the curriculum, demonstrate how hybrid lessons work and explore the learning methodologies.

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