Parents Views

Brainfield school governors conduct a yearly inspection to evaluate school performance, being the members from parents council and influential individuals of the society the school governors conduct this inspection as third-party. This annual report is called school governors report or in short GR

Understanding the School Governors' Inspection Report

  1. How well school governors think the school is doing and what it could do to make things even better.
  2. How well students are doing both in their education and their overall well-being and personal development.
  3. What parents and guardians think about the school.
  4. How up to date the school LMS , including updated websites and communication channels along with all online educational resources.
  5. How any problems or complaints are dealt with.
  6. How the school complies with rules and regulations

For Parents

Parent View gives us the chance to tell the school governors what they think about their child’s school. including: 


  1. how happy your child is at the school or with online classes
  2. how the school manages to cyberbully or challenging behavior 

The questionnaire can be completed at any time – you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected. 

We will use your responses to help us plan inspections. The information you provide can: 


  1. inform discussions the school governors have with school leaders during an evaluation.  
  2. help the school governors decide when to inspect a school 



Fill the form below and give your views now to register and complete a survey to help your child’s school improve.

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