Brainfield Health Shield

In order to provide, our dear students with the best of its kind support during the times when it is most required, Brainfield offers – an Health Insurance Plan for your child, called Brainfield Health Shield, that provides you medical support and assistance in case your child  have had a medical emergency.

Brainfield in collaboration with Takaful Pakistan provides Brainfield health shield. Takaful Pakistan Health insurance bears the costs of unforeseen medical costs that occurs if your child (God forbids) is admitted in a hospital. In private hospitals in Pakistan, medical bills can easily run into several lacs – Brainfield protects its students from such expenses at a tiny fraction of the cost to stay healthy and focused on their studies.

Feature of Healh Insurance

  1. Hospitalization normal (daily room & board covered)
  2. Pre & Post Hospitalization (Diagnosis, consultation, Medicines)
  3. Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  4. Day Care Treatment & Specialized investigations (MRI, CT Scan, Endoscopy, Thallium Scan, Angiography, Cataract, Kidney Dialysis, Cancer Treatment etc)